The Composer behind the Artist

Craig Meier is an award winning Freelance composer for films, video games and other multimedia projects. In May 2018 he graduated with a BA in Music Composition. His choice of compositional focus is Epic/Trailer Music and currently releases his works on SoundCloud and BandCamp.

"Music is a tremendous art form that can evoke emotions, spark inspiration and creativity, tell a story and ultimately connect with the listener. Since the day I started composing, this has always been a prime focus in my craft with the goal of achieving a connection with those who listen to my work. I strive to ensure that every piece, every track, has meaning that provides an incredible experience or story to someone."

Craig began composing in August 2013 and since has produced over 200+ works, earning multiple syncs of his work in TV, film and promo trailers. His music catalog and projects can be viewed in the MUSIC and CREDITS tabs respectfully.

"I sincerely thank everyone that has supported my music since I became a composer. It's great being able to compose something that people can listen to and develop some kind of connection with. I hope that each work I complete continues to provide a meaningful impact and an unforgettable experience."